Top 5 San Francisco Cultural Festivals

San Francisco is known for its deep history and rich culture. It has amazing people with diverse ethnicities. If you plan to visit San Francisco any time soon, you can always experience their rich culture through their vibrant cultural festivals. This article will help to find the top 5 San Francisco cultural festivals that you must visit.

Check Out These San Francisco Cultural Festivals!


This one is for the foodie who loves exploring several types of unique cuisine. The particular festival is all about oysters, which come under the seafood industry. Here different types of top quality oyster from all over the west coast are available. You can delve your taste buds into the absolute pleasure of yummy oysters. This festival is also musical. Along with oysters, you can enjoy beverages (beer or wine). Furthermore, this festival takes place in Sharon Meadow usually in between May and July.

Outside Lands

It is one of the most popular musical events in San Francisco. OutsideLand happens each year in August for three consecutive days.  More than 50 bands perform for this event; however, this event is not only famous for its amazing band musical performances. It is also famous for its food. Unique, tasty, and with beautiful presentation, numerous dishes are sold by more than 70 local vendors, food trucks, and many other famous restaurants. This emphasis is mostly on gourmet food but other types of yummy meals are also available. You can find unique beverages too. The event takes place near golden gate park. If you are planning to visit in August, make sure to visit this amazing San Francisco cultural event.

How Weird Street Faire

If you are looking for some exciting events in San Francisco then this is it. This fun-filled event as the name suggests is weird in everything from weird dishes, to weird costumes and weird music. If you visit this festival, you will see kids, young and adults having fun with weird art performances and a lot more. This event is just for one day and usually happens in April.  

Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo is also known as (fifth of May) is a very popular Mexican festival to celebrate the lives and culture of Mexicans. The main purpose of this event is to celebrate the military victory against French forces in 1862. You can experience powerful speeches and parades and cultural dance favoring Mexican culture, including amazing Mexican cuisine.


Probably one of the most celebrated San Francisco cultural festivals. Carnaval celebrates for all the people, ethnicities and cultures because it is a multicultural event. It is a two-day event, which takes place on Harrison Street. From amazing parades to exhibitions of arts and craft, several cultural music, unique cuisines, and great entertainment, Carnaval has it all. Each year the event has a distinguished theme and people prepare accordingly to it.

These are the top 5 cultural festivals of San Francisco that you and your family can enjoy and learn about several cultures.

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