Best San Francisco Asian Restaurant

When you are in a new city, especially a city as beautiful as San Francisco, you want to experience everything. That includes places, nature, culture, and food. Exceptional food can make any trip memorable and make you want to come back for me.

San Francisco has a variety of cuisines, and that includes Asian cuisine. You will find everything from the spiciest kimchi to the freshest sushi and dim sum.

Looking for the best San Francisco Asian restaurant is not an easy task. However, to help you find the best one we have compiled a list of the top Asian restaurants in San Francisco.

Best San Francisco Asian Restaurant Options

Seoul Garden

This is the best San Francisco Asian restaurant to try Korean BBQ! It is an elegant but cozy place with a comfortable ambiance that will make you feel right at home.

The menu is extensive; however, their barbecued meat and vegetables are a delight to the taste buds. Even if you are not in the mood for barbecued food, there are many other dishes such as kimchee, bibimbap, and many vegetable and meat dishes to satisfy those cravings.

If you want authentic Korean food, then this place is it.


Who doesn’t love Asian fusion? And if you haven’t tried it yet then you need to get to this place. They serve the best snacks, entrees, bowls, and the best ramen in San Francisco.

The restaurant has a beautiful ambiance that gives an old-world charm with its rustic walls, concrete floors, and beautiful artwork that is inspired by the city itself.

It is the best San Francisco Asian restaurant for a night of drinks and great food. The restaurant also serves beer, wine, and sake – the perfect blend of great food and drinks.

House of Nanking

Your trip will be wasted if you come to San Francisco and haven’t gone here. The restaurant is known for its long lines and amazing Nanking beef, shrimp cakes, and sesame chicken. 

They don’t have a set menu and have a unique style of serving food. You tell the waiters what you like and prefer, and they will decide for you. The portions are also very generous, and this restaurant is definitely worth the wait!

The Slanted Door

Want to have an amazing dinner experience with the most beautiful view in San Francisco? Well, this restaurant is situated in the ferry building, and you get to have your food right in front of the bay.

Their ingredients are locally sourced, so you get the Vietnamese cuisine with the freshest ingredients that make the dishes taste even better. While you are there, try the spring rolls, shaking beef, pork chops, and the spicy squid.

The crowd is also amazing, as this restaurant is a little heavy on the pocket but worth the price. You might even meet some celebrities while you’re there!

These are our top picks of the best San Francisco Asian restaurants you will find in the city. All of them serve the most delectable Asian cuisine. So what are you waiting for? Call ahead and book a table now so you don’t miss out!

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