Celebrity Chefs in San Francisco

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San Francisco is known for its great food and fine dining. Celebrity chef Tyler Florence is just one of the latest well known chefs to open a restaurant in the area and it has taken fine dining to a whole new level.

The upmarket steak house opened in September 2021 and has already become known as the best restaurant in town. Called Miller and Lux – named after two German cattle ranchers who became two of the biggest cattle ranchers in the USA, the restaurant specialises in steak but offers so much more.

The steaks are amazing. They come from Northern Californian farms from grass fed animals and are aged perfectly before they reach the table. Even the salad is perfect, with Romaine lettuce transported in every day and replanted in tiny pots for the table so that customers can have the freshest experience.

There are so many special features it would be hard to list them all. We must mention the Casers salad because this is generally acclaimed as the best in the world. However every dish has been designed to create the ultimate experience in dining with top class locally sourced ingredients cooked and prepared to perfection.

A special mention must go to the restaurants décor. It is finished in a luxurious style which pays homage to Chasen’s, a legendary Hollywood haunt that closed in the 90s. Designer Ken Fulk was bought in to create something truly spectacular and luxurious and with the plush circular booths and caramel and gold color palate, this is an unforgettable and luxurious restaurant that just screams style and glamour. Many people have said that even for California, Miller and Lux is way over the top. We love over the top and can’t wait to visit! 

Tyler Florence is well known as a celebrity chef and this is the first restaurant he has opened in 11 years. He has said that he always wanted to open a steak house but this one goes beyond the ordinary and transforms it into a fine dining experience.

You can find Miller and Lux at Thrive City, a new development surrounding the Chase Center where it is the most upscale venue in the area. The 7000 square meter space boasts waterfront views and quality that is second to none. And although it is expensive when compared to many other restaurants in the area, it is certainly worth the price tag.

San Francisco is well known as a center of excellence when it comes to dining. You can find a great range of restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets. Check out our Frisco Fastball guide for where to eat in San Francisco and find your perfect venue without necessarily spending a fortune! 

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