Best Cheap Restaurants San Francisco Offers

San Francisco is the center of northern California, and it has a little of everything to offer to foodies. Being the city where The Golden Bridge stands, it promotes a lot of tourists, and with tourism comes food. Not everyone can afford a high-priced delicious meal, so for that we have you covered. Here are some of the best cheap restaurants San Francisco offers for locals and tourists alike!

4 Cheap Restaurants San Francisco Locals Love

The Melt

How can one say no to a burger! You are right, that’s exactly what The Melt offers, along with some good mac-and-cheese and other various fast foods. The Melt is a chain that offers food that is not overly processed, making you feel at home. So for you to cheese up your taste buds, you could simply go for The Melt burger for $7.49 or a Grilled Cheese for $6. No matter what you order, your taste buds are going to get deliciously cheesy.

Louis’ Restaurant

Louis’ is a diner located on a cliff with a beautiful view, owned by the same family for almost 80 years. Nothing beats the scrambled eggs and omelets starting from a price of $10. Not only this, Louis’ offers everything from homemade sandwiches to pies. There is everything for everyone. Only one thing you should have when you visit this place is cash, as they don’t accept cards.

San Jalisco

As the name suggests, San Jalisco identifies itself with the city itself. San Jalisco offers something that is a lot different from the places mentioned above, and that is the Mexican food. The place offers food that is reasonable at price but exceptional when it comes to taste. You can always choose from fried plantains for $10, dulce flan, and a strong cocktail. 

Old Jerusalem

Old Jerusalem offers Middle Eastern food at affordable prices. The place is owned by a Palestinian family who are quick to offer you their kebab sandwiches for $9.49, falafels for $8.49, and several other dishes like a shawarma, baba ganoush, and a classic mint tea. Old Jerusalem offers such mouth-watering meals that one cannot stop asking for more.

San Francisco is a beautiful city that offers the best and the cheapest food on the go. With such a huge number of food trucks and restaurants, it is impossible to find a cheap place to eat that doesn’t also have the fun of the great American food tastes, as well as some charming internal cuisine options!

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