Iconic San Francisco Cuisine

San Francisco is a great place to eat, and with some great local favorites to try, San Francisco cuisine has plenty to offer visitors and residents alike.

So which San Francisco recipes can be really described as iconic? Let’s take a look.

Fish and Chips

Number one on the iconic san Francisco cuisine list must be that old favourite fish and chips. This is a meal that is very familiar to Brits and is essentially a fish fillet (usually cod or haddock) deep fried in batter and accompanied by French fries, called chips in the UK.

Fish and chips at its best can be a delight. Crisp batter and crunchy chips with a pickled gherkin (optional) and doused in salt and malt vinegar is a filling and nutritious meal that just makes you feel good. If you want to go full British, a cup of tea with your fish and chips makes this meal a delight! Alternatively wash it down with a glass of Anchor – a locally brewed San Francisco beer.

More Seafood Favorites

Seafood at Fisherman’s Wharf is not only iconic San Francisco cuisine; it is actually good for you. Clams, oysters, crab, shrimp…. you have a fantastic choice of tasty brain boosting seafood cooked in a variety of ways or just left au natural such as with oysters. Locally caught, fresh and delicious, San Francisco cuisine does not get much better.

Clam chowder in sourdough bread is a thing of wonder. Clam chowder does not actually originate from San Francisco, but the city has taken this dish to its heart, and when paired with the delicious sourdough bread that does come from San Francisco it is a marriage made in heaven that will touch your heart strings!

Cioppino is the San Francisco cuisine version of Gumbo with an added Italian twist. It comprises all types of fish and seafood cooked in a pot with plenty of red wine and tomatoes.

If you like San Francisco cuisine, it is likely that you enjoy fish and seafood, and this is not only delicious it is also good for health. Fish is full of omega 3 oils that boost brain power and are essential for your daily diet. If you struggle to obtain your fish intake, a good quality omega 3 supplement will help.

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