Top San Francisco Wedding Catering Options

The catering at your wedding reception is one thing that can make or break it. Of course, there are other important aspects like the wedding music, cake, and decorations, but no one is going to be upset if you choose lilies over roses. What they may be upset over is if the food isn’t good. 

Now we know how stressful planning a wedding can be. All this demand for everything to be perfect can get to you. This is why you’ll find yourself asking the question, “Where can you find the best San Francisco wedding catering options?” With all of the tasks that are already piling up, we’re here to take off as much pressure as we can. Here is a list of the top San Francisco wedding catering options available right now.

3 Top San Francisco Wedding Catering Companies

AP Events and Catering Inc.

This is an incredible wedding catering organization that is based in Napa, California. In a nutshell, they specialize in dishes that are rich in locally grown produce. While the ingredients might be local, they’re used in dishes that originate from unique cuisines. They also focus on using seasonal ingredients in the best way possible, which means that they’re highly experienced at creating versatile dishes with all the different types of produce that is available to them. Their services include catering, of course, bar services, and desserts.

Culinary Eye Catering & Events

The catering team at Culinary Eye Catering & Events is unlike any other; it comprises not just talented chefs, but also artists, logistical minds, designers, and more. So you know that they’ll bring it, in terms of taste and presentation. They take their clients information and take that up by 10 notches by creating a catering menu that is completely out-of-the-box, delicious, and something that fulfils all of the clients’ requirements. Their additional services include creating gluten-free dishes, bakery items and cakes, bar services, servers, and more.

Wolfgang Puck Catering

This catering company is already known around the globe and why wouldn’t it be, since it is led by Wolfgang Puck. Their team will always create unique, delicious, and memorable dishes using fresh ingredients, creative hors d’oeuvres, signature seasonal cocktails, and more. They also create dishes with specific instructions like gluten-free ones.

Snacks at Your Wedding

All of this might be making you snacky and sometimes, before the food is served at your wedding, you may find yourself feeling snacky. Don’t worry because we’ve thought of everything. For some quick, healthy protein for an essential boost of energy on the big day, try all-natural NOW FoodsRoasted Almonds with Sea Salt. Ask your Maid-of-Honor to keep some with her all day for you – just in case.

Booking a San Francisco wedding catering option is something that you can cross off your wedding to-do list. However, while doing that, you might find another task that could be something along the lines of finding places that you can eat at with your guests, who are travelling from different cities, states, and even countries. During your wedding rehearsal, follow our ideas for where to eat in San Francisco. And congrats on your big day!

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