Where to Eat in Union Square, San Francisco

Planning a sight-seeing trip to San Francisco? Chances are you will wind up in Union Square at meal time as it is a major center of all things culinary as well as being in the heart of the tourist area. 

It is important to say right now, that not all the eateries in Union Square are great. The square has its fair share of underwhelming establishments catering to the tourist rather than repeat local visitors. However there are some gems too so let’s check out where to eat in Union Square San Francisco so that your meal experience is memorable for all the right reasons.

Tacorea may sound like a stomach complaint but this restaurant is actually fusion between Mexican and Korean food. This is a surprisingly winning combination and if you like the sound of Kimchi Burritos and Mama Lee’s spicy pork you will love it. Popular with locals, Tacorea servings are huge and offer great value and the service is friendly and welcoming. 

Del Popolo is an Italian restaurant that specialises in pizza plus seasonally available favourites. Originally run from a popular food van, today Del Popolo is considered the best pizza restaurant in San Francisco and is owned by Michelin starred chef Jon Darsky. The restaurant only has a license for beer and wine and opens for dinner at 5.30 pm. 

Sears Fine Food is a well-established historic diner that has been operating from the same site for the past 80 years. Many locals visit for breakfast pancakes, with these being served until 3 pm. There is also a lunch and dinner menu which serves classic US cuisine including steaks and chops. Sears Fine Food is popular and often especially busy at breakfast time so you may have to stand in line for a while. However the wait is undoubtedly worth it. 

Cesarios is a classic Italian restaurant, providing authentic Italian food such as spaghetti, Bolognese and lasagne. The vibe here is old school and comfortable with crisp white tablecloths and comfort food made to order. Cesarios is situated just off the square and up the hill so largely escapes too many tourists, meaning it is easy to get a table. 

Colibri Mexican Bistro is a reasonable Mexican restaurant operating in Union Square. The quality is good and the menu offers all of the Mexican food classics so is great if you fancy enjoying a Mexican meal with no added cultural influences. Colibri is fairly expensive compared to many Mexican restaurants but has cornered the market in Union Square. 

To find out more about where to eat in Union Square San Francisco, check out the Eater website online. This provides current information about the best places to eat in the city so that when you visit, you can eat like a local. 

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