Best San Francisco Skate Spot

Skating is one of the most adored yet difficult sports to play. It takes a lot of practice to master. Some people consider skating as their favorite physical activity, while many do it as their passion. Initially, while skating, there are consecutive times when we fall over and over again. But that gives us the strength to stand up again and eventually gain perfection with time. But is it easy to skate anywhere or everywhere? To learn skating and perform it without any hindrance, you need to visit skate spots.

Being a citizen of San Francisco, you have the privilege to enjoy the perks of some amazing skate spots. As a skater, you won’t be ever disappointed visiting these spots. In the late 20th century, when the popularity of skateboarding rose drastically, San Francisco became home for the finest skate spots in the country. So how do you find the best San Francisco skate spot? Keep reading to find out some of our suggestions for the best San Francisco skate spot in California!

Best San Francisco Skate Spot: Top 3 Options

Justin Herman Plaza, Embarcadero (EMB)

Justin Herman Plaza is one of the best skating spots present on the Embarcadero in San Francisco, and it has immense historical significance. The plaza is composed of bricks and appears bumpy. Ledges, gaps, stairs, and the stage are all attractions for seasoned skaters. Another unique feature of the spot is “the Wave,” which is a curved wall. It is also one of the places where technical ledge skating originated. 

This spot has had international recognition, as people from all over the world come just to see it. That means it is not only a skating spot but is a tourist attraction as well. Renowned skaters including James Kelch and Mark Gonzales have already performed their incredible tricks on the EMB. The Gonz Gap and the kickflip by Gonzales have gained attention and popularity in the past. Justin Herman Plaza still serves around 100 skaters per day, making it one of the best San Francisco skate spot options on our list.

3rd and Army Plaza

3rd and Army is another skate spot worth visiting. Located at the intersection of Indiana Street and Cesar Chavez, it was originally built to give bus drivers a good place to have lunch. But due to its appearance, it is commonly used by skaters. The area is windy and helps skating if done in the same direction as the wind. Skaters do gap out through the table at the end of the ledges, making it a contender for best San Francisco skate spot.


Wallenberg is located at the Wallenberg International High School in San Francisco. It is 6 feet high, and its length is 22 feet and 6 inches. It is a famous skate spot and is renowned due to the famous skaters in the past. A stair set is present where one can perform a switch kickflip easily. Other tricks such as a heelflip and backside kickflip have been performed here as well.

Indeed, San Francisco has amazing skate spots. These three places wouldn’t make you regret skating, for sure.

Be careful though! Some skaters may fall and get a sports-related injury such as a muscle strain or worse. In that case, it’s important to help them reduce muscle biopsy pain if that sort of procedure is warranted. If not, then they lucked out. Always play safe by wearing a helmet, pads, and a mouth guard.

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