Hottest Country Bar San Francisco Locals Don’t Want You to Know About

San Francisco has been widely known for having diverse cultural groups residing in the city. If you are a tourist, or someone living in San Francisco looking for a country bar, then you need to check out these country bars. They are bound to offer you the unforgettable San Francisco experience! 

4 Best Country Bars in San Francisco


Jaxson has been famously known for proudly representing country music and welcoming people of all cultures under one roof. The bar goes by the phrase, “Stand tall. Be proud.” Jaxson is situated in the Marina District, and opens weekly for six nights. It’s a small venue with a dance floor and full bar services. Along with tapping along to the country music played in the background, you can also have the best bar experience. They offer VIP services and a DJ to make your night even better.


Westwood is also situated in the famously partying Marina District. Westwood is a proper country themed bar, which offers a wide range of entertainment. Their mechanical bull adds a whole different touch to the country bar. On Wednesday nights, the bar is filled with people waiting to hear the live music. It is the perfect hoedown partying place. Not only do they provide really tasty food, but they also offer 101 whiskeys, beers, and several cocktails, which adds to the experience. The thriving energy in the country bar is bound to set your spirits high!

Sundance Saloon

Sundance Saloon lives up to the San Francisco values, which are embracing everyone and anyone regardless of their gender or race. Though the bar is famously known as the city’s hottest LGBT country bar, it has attracted people of all genders because of its thriving energy. The bar has two-step dance venues and even dance practice spaces for people who want to learn how to dance. If you are someone interested in learning country western dancing, you now know where to go!

Twang Honky Tonk & Country Jamboree

Twang Honky Tonk & Country Jamboree is widely named as San Francisco’s hottest country music bar. The bar offers free dancing lessons, along with traditional and modern country music. There is a DJ available at the bar who takes requests almost every hour, so you can get your favorite country music tune played.

These are some of the hottest country bars in San Francisco that you need to experience. We hope you enjoy the nightlife!

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