How to Dress in San Francisco This Summer

Are you looking forward to summer this year? Sadly according to long range weather forecasters and the Farmer’s Almanac, this summer’s weather looks likely to be colder and more unpredictable than usual.

This is not all bad news. The dry hot weather which made last year such a fire hazard seems unlikely to happen this year. Instead we can expect plenty of rain and cooler temperatures which may fluctuate between 57 degrees and 75 degrees over the course of a day.

Overall, cooler, damper weather may be safer for us all but it does make knowing how to dress in San Francisco this summer more problematic than in previous years. So if you are going out for the day, the answer is to channel your inner boy scout and be prepared! You need to prepare for anything and keep plenty of layers to hand, including a waterproof.

How to dress in San Francisco this summer is impossible to predict especially if you are going out for the day. Wear too many clothes and the weather turns hot, and you will have the hassle of carrying around too many clothes. However if you dress for the usual summer and wear too little you will spend the day shivering. This will not only make you feel cold and miserable. It will make you just want to give up and go home.

Whether you only have yourself to think about or you have to dress your children too, the unpredictable weather can turn the nicest day out into a miserable chore. Worst case scenario and you may find that you have to buy warmer clothes just for the day out.

The answer is to be prepared. So if you want to be ready for anything, the best solution is to buy a backpack where you can stow your waterproof jacket and warmer clothing.

Tortuga Backpacks are the perfect solution to unpredictable weather. Designed for women or for men, these cool back packs are ergonomically designed to fit comfortably around the torso.

These lightweight back packs are expandable too so once you have emptied the bag it is not bulky or awkward. Yet even when they are full the back packs are comfortable, smart and streamline.

Once you get used to taking your Tortuga backpack with you, you won’t have to worry about what to wear. Because once you are prepared for anything it doesn’t matter how to dress in San Francisco this summer.

Dress how you like because as long as you have your back up in your back pack, you don’t have to worry about it anymore.  And if you decide to stay out later in the evening than you planned, you can be confident that you always look cool without feeling cold.

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