Things to Do in San Francisco New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve in San Francisco is always a joy to behold. It would be thrilling for you, whether you’re just sitting and watching others take part in all the fun activities or you’re one of the participants. The fun never stops, and then comes the countdown, which is another thrilling event.

However, if you’re visiting San Francisco, and you want to have a good time on New Year’s Eve, there’s a long list of activities that you can partake in. Most of them will depend on what you know how to do and what you have a strong flare for. You must know, however, that the joy comes from trying out new things.

The NYE Activities

Below are some of the activities you can participate in when you visit San Francisco for New Year’s Eve.

1. Attend The Japanese New Year’s Bell-Ringing Ceremony

This Asian ceremony is one that has been upheld for several years and is still very much active. Visit the art museum and listen to the 2,100-pound bell ring out loud. In case you don’t know, this bell has lasted over four centuries as it was created in the 16th century. It promises to be a thrilling adventure every year, and this one wouldn’t be any different.

2. Dine at the Classiest Restaurants in San Francisco

It would be a great thing to start your new year with a burst of tasty goodness. If you don’t want to be where there will be too many crowds, then selecting one quiet dining spot to consume some of the most delicious San Francisco meals will definitely do it for you. Some places you can visit are International Smoke, One Market Restaurant, La Mar, Cityscape Lounge, and lots more.

3. See Fireworks at the Embarcadero Waterfront

You can do your fireworks anywhere, no doubt about that, but if you want to make it really magical and thrilling, the Embarcadero waterfront should be your first thought. The bay gives a lot of reminiscence to your time there. You would want to visit again next year.

4. Go partying

Citizens of San Francisco are known for their love for enjoyment and fun. There are hundreds of clubs and people who’d be hosting parties and carnivals on the night of December 31. If you’re not sure which one you want to go for, here are a few of them that you can try out:

  • New Year’s Gaiety
  • Spencer Day
  • New Bohemia
  • Beach Blanket

And so many more. Just be sure to contact the venue first to be sure they’re following CDC guidelines for a safe gathering during the pandemic.

5. Go Ice Skating

Join the thousands of people who will choose skating on New Year’s Eve over many other fun activities to do in San Francisco. Go skating under the winter sky, especially in the evening.

San Francisco is the place for fun and joy. It’s always a great time, especially when you have all your activities carefully planned out. Visit this year with your family, and it promises to be a fun New Year’s Eve. And if you find yourself having too much fun and perhaps drinking a little too much, take a PartySmart herbal supplement by Himalaya to help prevent any hangovers.

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