What San Fran Weather January Will Bring and How to Beat the Cold

People from all over the world love to travel to San Francisco in January, because it is the best time of the year to attend some amazing artistic events, celebrate the Chinese New Year, witness stunning sunsets, and enjoy fancy parties, but what about the weather? 

January is known to be the chilliest and coldest month of the year in San Francisco, with heavy rainfall and extremely low temperatures the norm. The temperature stays constant every year around this time, but there is little or no variation in the amount of rainfall in the city. Snowfall is rare in the city. The last time it snowed heavily was in 1976, and then there was lightly snowing in the year 2011. The city may be extremely cold, but it’s still bearable and milder than other parts of the U.S.

Let’s talk more about San Fran weather January will bring this year.

How is San Fran Weather in January? 

Before traveling to the city, it is important to get familiar with the weather so you can pack accordingly. This is why it is important to check the weather forecast before you leave. The rainfall in the region may rise up to 4.5 inches on average, with the average lowest temperature of 45.7 degrees Fahrenheit and a humidity level of 75%. 

So what do you pack if you’re visiting San Francisco in January? If rainfall is predicted in the forecast, it is important to take umbrellas and raincoats with you. If you dislike carrying umbrellas, a big warm waterproof jacket with a hood can be a good alternative. 

Since January is one of the coldest months, it is better if you carry boots, headscarves, caps, gloves, and mid-weight jackets with you as well. San Fran weather January brings is such that the local people are seen covered in scarves and gloves in the morning to prevent their hands and heads from freezing. The rain is light and beautiful, which usually goes on for only a few hours and is followed by a lot of sunlight, which helps in drying up the place.

During the day when the temperature lies in the upper 50s, you can simply roam around the city in long-sleeved sweatshirts and cardigans with jeans or light-weighted pants. However, at night, the temperature usually drops as low as -40, so it is better to add more layers to keep yourself warm or simply wear a heavier sweater or a jacket with some gloves and socks. Locals usually prefer roaming around in casual clothes, so you can simply wear a warm pair of jeans.

San Fran weather January brings is without a doubt a lot of rainfall and humidity, but it is still milder than the other parts of America. This is what makes the city extremely beautiful, adventurous, exciting, and worth visiting.  Check out Boiron’s Coldcalm Cold Relief and Yogi Tea’s Cold Season Tea to pack in your luggage that will help you survive the January cold in San Francisco. 

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