How to Get Writing Jobs in San Francisco

Finding a job is difficult work, which sometimes can be demoralizing and lead to frustration. The first point for a successful job hunt in San Francisco, California, is to determine your timeline and whether you’re looking for part-time or full-time work. The second thing to do is to use the networking contacts you already have access to in order to gauge what jobs are available. Online searches for job openings will also help. Lastly, you’ll need to judge whether a home-based job is more feasible or an office-based job, depending upon your needs and circumstances.

There are different types of writing jobs in San Francisco, but it depends on each individual job candidate to make a decision and acquire the proper job. The tips and techniques below will aid in you getting writing jobs in San Francisco and similar cities.

3 Tips on Getting Writing Jobs in San Francisco

Freelance Writing Jobs

This is the most popular category of writing jobs available in San Francisco. Freelance writing is popular among people of all age groups, because of its convenient nature. These are generally home-based part-time jobs that are flexible with work hours and sometimes with deadlines.

A person can easily do this job while sitting at home at his/her convenience. An easy way of applying for and getting freelance writing jobs easily is to search for an authentic online platform that provides reliable writing jobs and a good pay rate.

Websites such as, and are great places to start searching for freelance writing jobs in San Francisco. Other online platforms such as and offer some pay, but not enough to live on (unless you make a name for yourself there with lots of well paying clients). You can also contact local marketing companies, newspapers, magazines, and news websites directly to inquire about freelance writing opportunities.

Requirements for these sort of writing jobs usually include having had several years of previous professional writing experience, as well as a degree in English, journalism, or a similar course of study. Sometimes, successful bloggers can also apply for these jobs, or you can learn to monetize and promote your own paying blog by offering advertising and joining an affiliate marketing program.

Details that are required to get enrolled as a freelancer include personal information, contact information, educational background, level of expertise, and required pay rate. Make sure that there are no bluffs or exaggerations in the information.

Office-Based Writing Jobs

Some office-based startups or small businesses require writers for creative writing, content writing, or blogs and post writing. These companies have forms available on the websites which should be filled and if the requirements are met. Then they will call the job candidate to go through the further recruitment process, including a writing or editing test and a formal interview or two.

Partially Office-Based Writing Jobs

These jobs are partially home-based and office-based. The main idea behind this is that writers can work from home several days of the week and then have to go into the office for training, meetings, or other important sessions related to the writing job.

Writing jobs are appropriate for people who are passionate about writing as well as earning. Intelligence, experience, and creativity are essential components required for writing jobs. Writers with amazing writing skills can make a decent living overall, but the important part is to search smartly for an appropriate writing job and make sure that you are not underpaid for your skills. Good luck on the job hunt!

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