Current San Francisco Giants Ranking Among Other Teams

Is watching and playing sports your greatest obsession out of all? Are you excited to see your favorite players and teams on the television exhibiting some extra-ordinary fans? Well, many of us are great fans of sports including football, cricket, baseball, basketball, badminton, hockey, tennis, and squash, and so on. If you are too much into sports and a fan of baseball, the team San Francisco Giants is what you can not overlook. Many of you must be great fans of it due to its performance and talented sportsmen.

A Brief History of the San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants have been a baseball team that has been a part of San Francisco since 1958. It came into being in 1883, and is known as New York Gothams initially. The San Francisco Giants are a part of Major League Baseball and are affiliated with the National League and West Division. This American baseball team has gained much recognition and fame over the years. It has set a record of winning the maximum number of games among all teams of baseball existing in America. This has made San Francisco Giants ranking rise drastically in the past few years among the rival teams. It was the only main team which started off playing in New York at Polo Grounds.

Since the recent end of the San Francisco Giants managerial search, former Philadelphia Phillies Manager Gabe Kapler was named the new manager of the San Francisco Giants in early November 2019. Here’s where the team stands in the ranks today.

San Francisco Giants Ranking

San Francisco is ranked third in the National League West, as per the statistics of 2019. For the entire season, it has won about 77 matches and lost 85 of the total number of matches played. It makes a value of win-loss percentage to be 0.475%. The longest winning streak and longest losing streak for San Francisco Giants are both of seven matches. The most runs scored by this baseball team in this season are 19. The number of road wins and losses are 42 and 39, respectively. Whereas, there are 35 wins and 46 losses in total at home. Considering the performance of San Francisco Giants on a monthly basis, the team has the most number of wins in July, which was 19 in number.

Rivals of San Francisco Giants

There are many rivals of the San Francisco Giants due to their excellence and amazing performance throughout the years. Still over the years, one of the most popular rivalries in the history of baseball is among the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants. They both belong to Major League Baseball. 

According to recent statistics, The Los Angeles Dodgers are a bit ahead of San Francisco Giants, ranking first among all teams. Despite this, the overall records of the San Francisco Giants make them way ahead of the opponent rival team. They have the greatest number of wins and the longest winning streak against Los Angeles Dodgers. Also, the largest victories all over the years and seasons are still associated with the San Francisco Giants, leaving the rival teams behind.

The San Francisco Giants ranking has not declined in all the past years and seasons and remains the favorite baseball team for most classic baseball lovers. In fact, the fans for this team have grown exponentially over the years.

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