Flashback: Highlights of the 1998 San Francisco Giants Roster

Are you a great fan of sports? If yes, then you must know which team or player is the talk of the town. If you have a keen interest in playing and watching baseball, you must not miss any matches of the team San Francisco Giants and would be praising its players often. 

As you probably already know, the San Francisco Giants is a baseball team that was established in 1883 in San Francisco, California. This team is known for the greatest number of wins in the history of baseball. The 1998 San Francisco Giants Roster shows us the list of all the respective baseball players who were a part of this team in the year 1998.

League Statistics

In the year 1998, according to the National League West, the San Francisco Giants were ranked number 02. The one who topped the league were the San Diego Padres, which was leading by a total of 98 wins. The 1998 San Francisco Giants Roster played about 163 matches in total and was able to manage to win about 89 matches and lost 74 matches. The winning percentage for the San Francisco Giants Roster was about 0.546. Other teams that were competing against each other in the league were Los Angeles Dodgers, Colorado Rockies, and Arizona Diamondbacks, who were in the top five positions.

Venues and Matches

The team San Francisco Giants played matches at 3com Park, which were supposed to be their home matches. The park factors, more than 100, were more favorable for the batters rather than pitchers. About 2 million spectators had viewed the matches encouraging the team players to show their best. The team had won about 49 matches in total and lost about 32 matches. On-road, the team wins were around 40 whereas it has lost about 42 matches.

The opening players among the San Francisco Giants: The starters for the 1998 San Francisco Giants Roster were Rich Aurilia, Barry Bonds, Stan Javier, J.T. Snow, Jeff Kent, Shawn Estes, John Johnstone, and so on.

Players who played maximum matches for the team: Barry Bonds is known to have played the greatest number of matches for the San Francisco Giants – 155 in total. Jeff Kent, Bill Mueller, and J.T. Snow have played a lot of matches for the team.

Records of San Francisco Giants against other teams: The 1998 San Francisco Giants Roster has set several records against various teams in the National League West. It has defeated Florida by the greatest margin. The San Francisco Giants were able to win all the nine matches against this team, without letting the team Florida to win a single match. The teams against which the San Francisco Giants had to face the greatest number of defeats and the least number of wins were San Diego and Atlanta.

The Managerial Staff: For the year 1998, the Manager of the team San Francisco Giants was Dusty Baker. Mr. Brian Sabean was its General Manager. Its Farm Director was Dick Tidrow.

The 1998 San Francisco Giants Roster had managed to achieve various records and gained immense reputation by the public due to their successive wins. This team remains at the heart of many baseball fans.

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