How Recent San Francisco 49ers Injuries Will Change the Team Roster

The San Francisco 49ers have been dealt a huge blow, given how some of their main players have been rendered unable to take part in the upcoming games. With the new season about to kick off in a few months, concerns about the team’s formation have increased while fans of the football favorites are left with stress regarding the changes in the lineup.

Who Got Injured?

While D. R. Reed Jr. has been confirmed to be out of play due to a pectoral injury he sustained last Thursday, Deebo Samuel also got hit badly with a fracture in the foot on the same day. However, Samuel’s recovery should take about 10-12 weeks, so he should be back in action quite some time before the new season starts as well as be able to participate in more pre-season games. But Richie James Jr. might not be as lucky as he has a wrist fracture which could take more than 2 months to recover from.

Kwon Alexander is in a similar boat, even though he got injured back in February. His quick recovery is still in question as he recently had surgery on Friday for the injury he got on his biceps. Along with them, the status of Weston Richburg, Trent Taylor, Ronald Blair III, and Jullian Taylor remains to be questionable. Although Richburg is hopeful about being back in training camp in about a week as he feels he’s almost recovered from his kneecap injury.

Changes to the Roster

So what is the lineup of the San Francisco 49ers looking like now? Well, Jimmy Garoppolo remains the top quarterback for the team and some good news is that Jerrick McKinnon is finally going to be making a return after a long time out due to his injury. Further, Raheem Mostert and Tevin Coleman are still set up to provide their skill as the star players that they have become, as they have been doing so quite well since the past couple of months.

Brandon Aiyuk can be trusted with being the wide receiver so no worries on that front either. DT Javon Kinlaw is also expected to make waves after him and Aiyuk have both been signed to 4 year deals. Given their history of incredible statistics such Kinlaw’s 35 tackles, 2 fumble recoveries and 6 sacks in the 12 games he started in 2019. So the future for the San Francisco 49ers is still looking rather promising.

All in all, the San Francisco 49ers are expected to brave this bad situation that has transpired for them in the way of changing their roster, to rise to the challenge of being the worthy adversaries that they are known for, despite facing the hurdles of not having some of their best players in combat. As this won’t be the first time that they have to face such a dire situation, because this has happened many times before, and yet they still managed to remain at the top of their game.

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