New Sports Trends

man in gray crew neck t-shirt and gray shorts sitting on basketball court

It seems that many of us are turning our backs on traditional sports such as football, tennis and baseball. Instead many people are taking up new sports which are often more fun and don’t always require a large team of players. So let’s take a look at the potential world of tomorrow and see which sports we are likely to be playing in the near future.

Evolution in sport is nothing new after all. All sports had to be invented at some time and just because many of the games we play today are steeped in tradition, they all had to start somewhere.

Teqball:  This is a soccer inspired game that is played on a curved table, similar in size to a table tennis table. It is played by two people (singles) or by four as a doubles match and is a fast moving exciting game that is suitable for all abilities and genders. This non contact sport is played with a normal sized soccer ball and is a fantastic way of refining pure soccer skills such as ball control, heading, shots and volleys. 

Teqball is becoming increasingly popular around the world. It is recognised by many Olympic Associations and it looks set to become extremely popular in the near future. 

Pickelball: This sport is a blend of table tennis, badminton and tennis. It can be played indoors or outside on an ordinary sized badminton court with a modified tennis net and is suitable for singles or doubles matches. The key feature to Pickelball is that each player uses a wooden paddle to hit a lightweight polymer ball called a wiffle ball over the net. 

Pickelball has been around for a while. It was invented back in the 60s as a kids’ yard game but has since become popular with all age groups as it is easy to master, fun and extremely inclusive. So far the sport hasn’t moved far outside the USA but interest is growing worldwide with currently 37 countries part of the International Federation of Pickelball.

Padel: Sometimes called Padel tennis, this is a fast moving sport which takes elements from tennis and squash and blends them together. It is played on a pitch divided by a net but the walls can also be used too as in squash. One of the distinguishing features of Padel is that it is usually played as doubles so key to a successful pair is good co operation and communication between team mates. 

Padel was first played in Acapulco Mexico in 1963 and is currently most popular in Spain and other Latin countries. So far this is not an Olympic sport but with a growing number of players, this may change in the future. 

Carveboarding: This is also known as skate surfing and this board sport is a combination of surfing and skate boarding, only on dry land. The sport was first devised by surfers looking to practice their moves during times of flat seas but it also has a connection with snow boarding. 

Carve boarding uses a large flat board with wheels similar in size to a snow board. It enables users to practice curves and turns that are the surfers and snowboarders key skills but at present this new sport is very limited. It is mainly used for surfing and snowboard practice, rather than becoming a new sport in its own right. 

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