San Francisco 49ers News: Trey Lance Signs a Deal

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Trey Lance has finally become a 49 er. This promising young quarterback signed a rookie deal in July 2021 and already it seems to be working out well for the team.

Trey Lance played football for North Dakota State before making the draft in 2021 and he is considered one of the stand- out new players of the season and a top prospect. He was selected third overall by the 49ers who traded their first round picks in 2022 and 2023 in order to move up the selection process earlier in the season.

The 49ers have surprised onlookers by his selection.  Many believed that fellow rookie Mac Jones was their prime target during the lead up. However Trey Lance is the 49ers highest drafted rookie since Alex Smith put on the jersey in 2005.

Trey Lance’s rookie contract signs him to the team for a fully guaranteed 4 years at a cost of $34.1 million. But as he is only 21 and is yet to fully come into his game, he looks like a great investment for the future.

So far the Trey Lance deal is working out pretty well. Because of COVID restrictions his playing experience last year was limited to just one game, so he has struggled to find his form in the team. However he is getting there and he has a very good team spirit and attitude to the game.

He was criticised for throwing too hard in an earlier fixture but shouldered the blame for his mistakes and as he says he is in a position where he is still learning.

As he said earlier in the season,

I think, for me, especially in the situation I’m in, learning as much as I can and being able to go back and watch the tape tonight and tomorrow with the coaching staff and the quarterbacks in the room, I think that’s where I grow and where I win the most,”

Despite the odd mistake, Coach Kyle Shanahan has plenty of faith in Trey Lance. He realises that the eyes of the world are on the young player and this only adds to pressure, but he is very confident about the role in the team for this rookie superstar.

Trey Lance had a slow start at the beginning of the season but has already demonstrated some great skills and abilities. And with experienced hands on the team such as Jimmy Garoppolo the prospect for the 2021- 2022 season seems to offer a blend of experience, wisdom and youth in an unbeatable combination.

Go 49 ers! It’s going to be a great season!

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