Top Former San Francisco Giants Pitchers

Initially known as the New York Gothams, the San Francisco Giants are one of the most successful baseball teams, which has not only won six National League Pennants but also five World Series championships. Many players of the team are a part of the Baseball Hall of fame and museum. The Giants is one of the most renowned and successful teams in the American baseball history.

Following are the greatest and the top 5 former San Francisco Giants pitchers.

Top 5 Former San Francisco Pitchers

Juan Marichal

This indefatigable pitcher unveiled his talent in 1960 where he played for the Giants for the first time and absolutely stunned every one! He is the third player from the team to make it to the Hall of Fame. His high leg kick style of pitching became a trademark. This exceptionally bold and undefeated pitcher holds a record of 191 victories. In the very beginning of his career, he became the first pitcher who threw a no-hitter.

However, the end of his career began when he hit one of the players of Los Angeles with a bat; he was not only fined but was also suspended for eight games in a row. This turned out to be a huge downfall for his career. However, he was an outstanding player and his winning statistics showed a record of brilliance. Juan Marichal was a part of the Giants from 1960 to 1973. Later in the 1990s, he became the minister of sports of Dominican Republic.

Madison Bumgarner

Madison Bumgarner was one of the most powerful and strong pitchers of the Giants. He started his career and joined the team when he was only 17 years old. Shortly after turning 21, he played his first game with pure brilliance, shocking everyone with his extraordinary shutout innings. He was a very valuable part the Giants and played a significant role in making the team win not one, but three World championship series. That is why he is considered one of the best former San Francisco Giants pitchers. He was a part of the Giants for ten consecutive years, starting his career in 2009 and ending it in 2019.

Rube Marquard

Rube Marquard started his career and signed up for the Giants in 1908 when he was only 18 years old. Having a rough start in the team, the fans wondered about his capability. However, much to their shock, in 1911, Rube Marquard finally showed his exceptional skills and left everyone in awe! He joined the Giants in 1908 and remained a part of the team till 1915.

Christy Mathewson

Also known as the Big Six, he has always been famous for his poise, both off and on the field. He is a renowned pitcher who started his career with the Giants in 1990, and is known as the greatest pitcher until date. He is also a part of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Carl Hubbell

Carl Hubbell was a part of the Giants for 15 years, where he displayed his talent for pitching. He stunned the world in the All-Star Game where he struck out five of the best hitters, in a row! He joined the Giants in 1928 and was a part of the team till 1943.

Being a part of the Giants, these pitchers showed incomparable pitching skills and because of their exceptional stats, they have been the best former San Francisco Giants pitchers.

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