Best and Worst Sports Interviews with the San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants are amongst the leading names in the U.S. when it comes to professional baseball. The team has about 23 national league and eight World Series titles up their sleeve. The Giants have been a team to watch out for since their start in the 1880s. Since then, they had major ups and downs season after season, which has kept them trending. Whether it is about their on-field activities or interviews, they are no short of action on either of the two. There have been many incidents when it comes to interviews with the team, ranging from the best to the worst sports interviews. Keep reading to find out more!

The Best Sports Interviews with the Giants

The very first incident is the interview of Gabe Kapler, who was appointed as the Giants’ new manager in 2019. He was quite happy throughout the interview as he was giving elaborate answers to all the questions. 

Another such incident was when Aramis Garcia joined the team in 2017. The host asked him about his feelings when he was called in for the side and his overall expectations about him performing on the big stage. The interviewer was asking short and precise questions and was listening to him without any interruptions. Aramis continued in his conversation with the fact that he had great experiences in the past working with some of the Giants’ players and he would like to continue this in the future as well.

One of the interviews was with Brian Wilson, which the anchor took just after the Giants registered two consecutive wins. The anchor congratulated them on their win and asked him about comparing the two seasons they had. Brian who is considered to be the aggressor was totally in control while answering and showed that the conversation was useful and wasn’t used only to ignite flames.

The Worst Sports Interviews with the Giants

Not all the interviews with Giants were as good as the ones mentioned above. Some of them were the worst sports interviews with the team ever. Sports interviews are always fun to watch if the questions are clear and related. 

It’s frustrating when interviewers ask vague or rude questions. During a spoof interview by SNL’s comedian Kyle Mooney, he interrupted the Giants once during their practice and started asking questions and sounding weird. He didn’t pronounce the words properly, he was uninformed, and that made many players upset. Even one of them said that this is the worst interview he has given ever.

Fortunately, the Giants are well-versed in interviewing, and most interviews with them go more smoothly than the one mentioned above.

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