10 Facts About the Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the monumental creations in the world, and that’s not due to how large the bridge is but the great stories that come with the building of the bridge. In this article, we’re going to look at ten of the interesting facts about the bridge that I’m sure will fascinate you. Below are some of them.

1. The bridge was first talked about in 1872.

Imagine the number of years between when it was first proposed and when it was actually built. Many people didn’t see the feasibility of the bridge and, as such, didn’t pay it so much attention. The San Francisco ocean was named chrysopylae, which means “Golden Gate” in the Greek language.

The estimated cost of building the bridge was calculated to be $100 million, but it wasn’t constructed until later in the next millennium when the engineer Michael O’Shaughnessy was contracted for the job.

2. The initial design was different.

Going with a budget of $27 million, a notable engineer claimed he’d create something phenomenal, until one day when they released the plan, and the local papers referred to it as an ugly design.

3. A lot of people didn’t support it.

The majority of people who were against the idea of a bridge over the Golden Gate were people who thought that the bridge would slow down their business (competition-wise). They filed thousands of lawsuits against the project by 1930.

4. The engineers started work in 1933.

From the initial proposal down to when work finally began, there are 65 years in-between. Well, it was better late than never.

5. The engineer (Strauss) ensured that safety was taken seriously.

Strauss was tolerant of every other thing but not to a lack of safety guidelines. Some of the workers claimed that all they had to do was do one thing that would put them in danger, and they were fired.

6. An earthquake rocked.

You would say it’s a great way to test the durability and strength of the bridge, right? Well, the bridge withstood the pressure. Although it swayed left and right, it stood still and is still standing.

7. The entire city celebrated for a week when it was finally opened.

Who would not dance to such an outstanding achievement? This bridge is not only a way to pass over the Golden gate ocean; it is a monument that the people of Francisco still look up to.

8. The weight was massive.

Initially, the bridge weighed 894,500 tons, but after re-decking, it was reduced to 887,00. Note that these figures are approximated.

9. Until 1964, the Golden gate was the longest suspension bridge.

In 1964, the Japanese bridge called Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge was opened, and it became the only one longer than the Golden gate at the time.

10. The bridge has been seen in several movies since it was created.

It doesn’t only wow photographers and tourists; it makes a fantastic scene for films as well. What a star this bridge is.

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