Best Day Trips from San Francisco

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Visitors to San Francisco could be forgiven for spending all their vacation in the city because there is so much to do and see. However no visit to California would be complete without a visit to Yosemite. This world famous national park is awesomely stunning and everyone should visit it at least once in their lifetime.

The good news is that you can take a day trip from San Francisco to Yosemite , so you don’t have to miss out on this natural icon. However, the question that preoccupies most visitors is how far is Yosemite from San Francisco?

It takes about 3 hours to get there from San Francisco and is around 167 miles depending on your route. That said if you take an organised tour, it gives you plenty of time to relax on the coach and enjoy the scenery along the way.

You can visit Yosemite on a day trip very easily. Most popular day tours pick you up at 6 am from a central location such as the Grey Line Office at Union Square or from your hotel. The bus takes you on a magical tour across the San Francisco Bay Bridge, stopping off at landmark sites along the way before reaching Yosemite mid morning.

Once you arrive you are taken on a guided walk after which you can explore the area yourself, eat lunch with the group and marvel at scenery and the sequoia trees. The bus usually leaves in the late afternoon, dropping you back to your pick up location after 14 hours.

The great advantage about an organised tour like this is that you won’t care how far is Yosemite from San Francisco because the journey is all part of the experience.

If you are concerned about how far is Yosemite to San Francisco, many tour operators offer a 2 day stay instead. You will still have an early start – in general between 6.15 and 7 am but this long tour gives you more time to explore the magnificent park and the thrill of staying in a lodge overnight.

As with the one day tour, most operators will drop you back to your pick up location late in the day but not so late that you have to miss out on an evening meal in the city!

How far is Yosemite to San Francisco is usually measured in miles. But for visitors a trip to the national park, transports them back in time to an earlier age where San Francisco seems like a million years away rather than just 167 miles in a comfortable coach through some spectacular scenery.

Yosemite is not the only must see site from San Francisco. You can check out many great places that lie just outside the city which you don’t need to book for and are easily reachable via car or public transport.

However, if you do fancy an organised tour or fancy travelling further afield but not as far as Yosemite, the wine districts of Napa Valley and Somora are within easy reach at around 45 miles. And if you are travelling with the kids San Jose has numerous attractions at only a 2 hour drive away.

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