How Far is San Fran from San Diego? Must-See Tourist Sights!

Are you planning to spend your weekend in San Francisco or San Diego? You must be excited to enjoy a long drive and have a nice family time with your loved ones. But at the same time, you might be wondering: How far is San Fran from San Diego? 

It is better that you make up your mind before starting a long drive. You should know how long the drive will be, and how far are the rest stops will be to take a break from a long drive. That is why before driving, it is better to keep all the details in mind; especially when you are travelling with children.

In this article, we will discuss how far San Fran from San Diego is according to the mode of transportation. We will also talk about some mesmerizing beautiful spots that you might be unaware of.

How Far is San Fran from San Diego?

How Far is the Distance by Plane?

Planes have always been the fastest mode of travelling. If you are in an emergency and have to reach any of the two states as quickly as possible, then a plane is the best mode of transportation. It will hardly take one and a half hour to reach your destination. But you will not be able to enjoy the beautiful sights in between the route.

How Far is the Distance by Car?

According to Google, it takes approximately 8 hours to reach San Diego from San Francisco. This because the speed limit on highways of California should be around 70 mph. If you are choosing the start of your route from Highway 5 (a U.S. Interstate), then you will cross Los Angeles and several different sights along the way. So if you plan to travel cheap, then a car is the best option.

How Far is the Distance by Bus?

It takes about 12 hours to travel from San Francisco to San Diego by bus. This is because the buses normally have to stop at different stations in between the way. There also different timings of the bus stations where buses have to pick up new passengers every time a stop arrives.

Must-See Tourist Sights that You Should Never Miss

You must be wondering how far San Fran from San Diego is. Well, do not stress much about the distance. Make sure that you travel by car so that you can enjoy the beautiful sightseeing spots too. 

Venice Beach: You may enjoy the sunset or even rest from a tiring drive at the beautiful Venice Beach. The most amazing thing is that there are hotels within walking distance as well.

The Yosemite Valley: You may even get to explore the beautiful Yosemite Valley. It is much easier to reach this Valley from Merced.

Santa Barbara: To have an awestruck view of mountains and sea, don’t miss out on the chance to visit the amazing Santa Barbara. To visit Santa Barbara you may also travel by train from the Amtrak Station to reach it quickly. Do not miss the convenient Amtrak station.

La Jolla: You may have a relaxing time at the La Jolla coast. Don’t miss out on this beach and the amazing hotels built nearby places.

Though travelling by car can be extremely tiring, all the beautiful sightseeing spots will re-energize you. Happy traveling!

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