Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS) Disney Research Reveals One-Legged Disney Robot

Disney Robot News: Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS) Disney Research has recently revealed a battery-powered, one-legged, hopping robot at the International Symposium of Experimental Robotics (ISER) 2016 in Japan.

One-Legged Disney Robot

Accordingly, the new Disney robot is the first one-legged robot that runs on battery alone.

Moreover, the leg modules of the new Disney robot can be used to come up with multi-legged robots.

Joohyung Kim, Disney Research Associate Research Scientist, believes that battery-powered one-legged robots can open up new possibilities in robotic applications.

Technology Behind One-Legged Robots

Kim, together with collaborators Katsu Yamane and Zachary Batts has built a lightweight one-legged robot that is roughly one-foot tall.

Currently, it can keep its balance for about seven seconds, which is equivalent to 19 hops. The researchers believe that it can hold its balance for a longer period with an increased onboard computing power.

Most one-legged robots are hydraulic in nature. However, a hydraulic system requires off-board motors.

“The actuation requirements for a single-legged system are so great that to date, to the authors’ best knowledge, no untethered single-legged hopper has achieved continuous hopping without using offboard power,” read the presentation of Disney Research.

In order to efficiently create a one-legged robot powered by battery alone, Disney Research has designed a linear elastic actuator in parallel (LEAP), which primarily serves as the leg. The LEAP is attached to the torso housing the battery pack, sensors, and other essential components.

The torso of the new one-legged robot is twice as heavy as the LEAP while previous torsos are usually far heavier than the legs. As a result, the new one-legged robot can achieve a perfect balance.

While the new Disney robot still has a long way to go in the laboratories and is far from commercialization, it still signifies a meaningful progress for Disney Research— especially given the fact that it is currently the only entity to perfect the initial technology— and the field of robotics alike.

On Friday, Walt Disney has concluded the session at $92.49.

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