Newest Form D Filing: Abs Offshore Spc Filing. Laurence K Russian Published Oct 19 Form D

Pooled Investment Fund Abs Offshore Spc - Laurence K Russian

Abs Offshore Spc Form D

The Connecticut-based Abs Offshore Spc filed Form D for $3.22 billion offering. The date of first sale was 2003-01-01. The raised $3.22 billion. The offering is still open. The total private offering amount amount was $3.22 billion. The form was filed on 2016-10-19. Abs Offshore Spc’s clarification was: Estimate represents fees paid to date. Finders receive a share of Investment Manager’s management fees and/or performance fees..

Abs Offshore Spc is based in Connecticut. The company’s business is Pooled Investment Fund. The form D was submitted by Laurence K Russian Director. The company was incorporated more than five years ago. The filler’s address is: Maples Corporate Services Limited, Ugland House, Grand Cayman, E9, Cayman Islands, Ky1-1104. Laurence K. Russian is the related person in the form and it has address: C/O Abs Investment Management Llc, 537 Steamboat Road, Greenwich, Ct, Connecticut, 06830. Link to Abs Offshore Spc Filing: 000101359416001280.

Analysis of Abs Offshore Spc Offering

On average, companies in the Pooled Investment Fund sector, sell 37.80% pooled investment interest. Abs Offshore Spc sold 100.00% of the offering. The average investment offering size is $24.76 million for companies in the Pooled Investment Fund industry sector. The minimum investment for Abs Offshore Spc ‘s private offering is $100000.

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