Forbes Ranks the NY Yankees as the Most Valuable Baseball Team

Forbes Magazine updated their Major League Baseball valuations this week, ranking the New York Yankees as the world’s most valuable baseball team. The team is worth $3.7 billion, according to the valuation, ranking only behind the Dallas Cowboys in team value for all sports.

The value of the organization rose 9% over the past year, placing the franchise far above the second place Los Angeles Dodgers which are worth $2.75 billion.

MLB teams saw their values rise by 19% over the last year, with an increase in television revenue and streaming content revenue. The league’s revenue rose to $9.03 billion in 2016, increasing 7.5% on the year.

The next most valuable teams are the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs. The Red Sox had a value of $2.7 billion, while the Cubs came in with a $2.68 billion valuation. The team with the lowest value is the Tampa Bay Rays that were valued at just $825 million.

The teams that are the most valuable in the league tend to spend the most on players, with the Yankees spending $195.3 million per year in salary and the Dodgers spending the most on opening day with a $225.6 million payroll.

The Rays’ operations look even dimmer than initially reported, with Forbes adding $400 – $500 million to each company’s operations. This would put the organizations between the $425 million to $325 million.

The Philadelphia Phillies ranked eighth in their valuation of $1.65 billion, an increase of 34% on the year. Revenue for the team is up to $325 million, with the team’s operating income the highest in the league at $87.7 million.

The Yankees, the highest valued team, makes far less in operating income, earning $39 million.

The Detroit Tigers are among the league’s worst-off teams, with a value of $1.2 billion, $275 million in revenue and a $-36.4 million operating income.