3 Teams We Pick to Make It to the World Series

Baseball season is here, and we have a long season ahead of us. No one knows for sure what the season will hold, but we can estimate a team’s performance on paper to try and “guess” who has the best odds to make it to the World Series.

There are a few teams everyone knows will struggle, and these teams will have barely a shot to make it to the World Series:

  • Cincinnati Red
  • Milwaukee Brewers

The Reds and Brewers are the weakest teams on paper, and if they made it to the World Series, it would be a world upset. No one expects much from these teams yet. These two teams, along with the Phillies, Padres, Rays and White Sox, are in the rebuilding phase of their franchises.

But there are three teams that have high odds to get to the World Series, or at the very least, cause a lot of disruption along the way.

1. Chicago Cubs

If you follow baseball, you know that the Cubs have a strong team. The team would love to defend their title and repeat, and there are few teams that can match the completeness of the Chicago Cubs. The team has an all-around strong roster, with Kris Bryant leading the pack.

You also have great support from Anthony Rizzo.

The Cubs started the first month of the season looking for players to step up, and if the trend continues, they’ll have a harder time at defending their championship. The team has struggled, and no one expects the Cubs to have the 25-6 start they did last year.

The team’s ERA has suffered this year up to 4.28 and starting the year 13-11.

If Kyle Schwarber can get back on his game, the team will be in a better position at the end of the year. The biggest risk to the defending champions is starting slow and having to make up for losses at the end of the season.

2. Cleveland Indians

The Indians are another no-brainer, and making it to Game 7 of the World Series tells you just how good this team is. The Indians are on the cusp of a championship, and the only one in their way is the Cubs. The tides can turn this year, and all baseball fans wouldn’t mind a repeat of last year’s playoffs.

Corey Kluber will get a lot of health this year, with Danny Salazar and Carlos Carrasco back in the rotation.

If the two starters can stay healthy, we expect the Indians to put on a dominating performance this year. Francisco Lindor will remain a dominant force for the club along with Cody Allen and Andrew Miller.

The Indians haven’t won a title in nearly 70 years – it’s their time.

The Indians have underperformed to start the year, boasting a 14-11 record, but if the club can pull it together like they did last year, they have a shot of making it to the World Series again. The team is still at the top of the AL Central, so they’re not performing bad. They’re just not meeting our expectations yet.

3. Washington Nationals

The Nationals are on fire to start the year, with a record of 17 – 8. The team may not be as strong as the Cubs, Indians or even the Dodgers, but they play with passion. The team is a favorite in the NL East, and if their top performers can put on a performance of a lifetime, they’ll be able to be a serious contender.

The team will need Bryce Harper to play unreal, and they also boast Max Scherzer, a Cy Young winner, who needs to be at his best if his team has a chance of getting to the World Series.

You’ll also want to keep a close eye on Trea Turner, who has the speed to change a game.

It’s too early to tell which teams will make it to the World Series, but we expect a lot from all three of these teams. Starting the year off, the Nationals look poised to silence the doubters and bring home the pennant with a real chance at the World Series.