Is Baseball Getting Slower? New Studies Prove It

The pace of baseball games has been a subject of debate, but new evidence suggests games are getting slower. A study by the American Sports Commission revealed evidence this week that baseball is getting slower and longer.

Across the MLB, games are getting 5% longer per year, based on a review of nearly 1,000 games. The data aren’t limited to statistical evidence. About 500 sports fans were asked how they felt. Roughly 40% were happy with the pace of the game in person; when watching TV, 30% said the same. Over half said the pace was far too slow when watching on their mobile phone, but fewer felt that way when watching TV.

Also, the study found that 2% fewer actions by players were being taken, compared to three years ago. It appears baseball games are getting longer. Less is happening overall.

“Baseball is timeless,” an unidentified source was quoted, but “people don’t have all the time in the world.”