Fantastic Four Reboot will be Darker, New Costume Shown Off!

March 3, 2015 - By Jan Rainey

The Fantastic Four reboot director, Josh Trank, has recently confirmed that the movie will take a darker, more gritty tone than the two previous films before it. He says that both him and Simon Kinberg (one of three producers on the film), aren’t interested in the cartoonish movies that he sees many superhero films taking these days.

He adds that there is the opportunity to make something that is both tragic and dramatic and thinks that the opportunity is right there in the source material. It’s his job to steer the movie in that direction. The darker tone has seemed to help some movies in the past such as the most recent Batman trilogy. It has led to a darker Batman-based TV show called Gotham which is getting good ratings as well.

Trank’s version of the Fantastic Four seems to be both darker in nature, and the group will have some differences in their abilities compared to previous versions of the character. For one, we know that Mister Fantastic will not have is full stretching abilities in this movie like he does in the comics. There will be a limit, but it hasn’t been mentioned yet. It’s been suspected that there will be similar changes for all of the other superheroes and supervillains in this movie as well. Some new images have been revealed showing off the Fantastic Four’s new costumes.

Since the new movie will have a darker and more realistic tone, the costumes have been changed to reflect this difference as well. The suits are now much more dark, and a lot more sleek than their bright blue and white counterparts. As for the storyline, the Fantastic Four will be using the Ultimate storyline from the comics, which has the Fantastic Four transporting to an alternate universe which gives them their powers in the process.

Many people have been wondering if Sue and Johnny Storm will still be siblings because Johnny Storm in the movie is played by Michael B. Jordan, who is black, while Sue is played by Kata Mara, who is white. It’s been confirmed by Trank that the two are still siblings, and it’s been theorized by fans that one of them has most likely been adopted. The receptions to the new costumes have been okay, with most fans seemingly not caring too much one way or the other.

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