NCIS Season 12 Episode 17 will Show DiNozzo’s Father, No Word on DiNozzo’s Girlfriend!

March 4, 2015 - By Jan Rainey

After the last episode about Gibbs past as an undercover CIA agent, there has been a lot of talk about the upcoming episode of NCIS. It will be episode 17 of NCIS season 12, and will air on March 10th. DiNozzo’s father, and art thief, and the CIA will be what this episode revolves around. The synopsis for the episode has been released, and it officially has DiNozzo’s father helping the team with a case that involves a painting being stolen and replaced with a fake, as well as a murder case to go along with it.

DiNozzo’s father is an expert in the black market art world, which makes him a perfect fit for the case. With the previous two episodes of NCIS being based on Gibbs, this will be a welcome change for many fans of the series who don’t necessarily like Gibbs. Everyone who watches NCIS after all of these seasons tends to have a favorite character or two. With DiNozzo being out of the spotlight for the past few episodes, it’ll be nice to have him back.

NCIS season 12 episode 17 is titled, “The Artful Dodger”, and will air on March 10th. If it sounds like it has some of the themes from White Collar, then you would be correct. The showrunner for NCIS, Gary Glasberg, has told TVLine that he wants to rattle people a bit in the upcoming season finale. He also said that Delilah would come back after being in a long-distance relationship with McGee. We don’t know if DiNozzo’s father will meet his current girlfriend, agent Zoe Keates.

Most people suspect that he won’t, because Marisol Nichols (the person who plays Zoe Keates) did not have her name listed in the CBS release. However, CBS could be keeping her name off of the list in order to surprise the viewers. NCIS season 12 only has eight episodes left in the season (if you include episode 17). There haven’t been too many shockers this season other than the death of Diane Sterling.

This also happened in the same episode where Gibbs’ ex-wife number two, Rebecca, showed up. NCIS has a lot of competition in the form of spin-offs and similar shows, so they still have to keep things exciting if they want fans to continue watching the show.

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