The Best Tea in San Francisco

Are you a tea lover? If so, you may already know numerous places where you can get the best tea. However, if you’re visiting San Francisco for the first time, this is the  perfect guide for the best tea in San Francisco. Here is a list of places that will surely satisfy your quench for tea for every minute you are in the city. Let’s begin.

1.     Vital Tea Leaf

San Francisco has a huge range of tea for you to discover, but the Vital Tea Leaf is among the best. Taking a stroll through Chinatown, you must come across this cute little tea shop. They will offer you the best tea in San Francisco through a free sample tasting. What does this free tasting consist of? It’s Chinese tea which is especially imported from the country and Taiwan. Their best bet has to be the Blue People Oolong tea.

2.     Craftsman and Wolves

San Francisco is a hub for many things, and there are artsy and chic breakfast places all around town. Some of these breakfast places, however, have the best tea you can have. Try Craftsman and Wolves for instance. This place can offer you the best Naivetea’s Oolong tea. Just a sip of this amazing choice will warm your soul from the inside and improve your mood. The plant used to make this amazing tea can also be found in green tea.

3.     Boba Guys

There are some teas that you keep searching and searching for, but you never find them. That’s not the case with Boba Guys. If you’re looking for boba tea in San Francisco, go for Boba Guys. They can provide you with the best boba tea in the world. The claim might be too huge, but it’s legit. Because they offer you the option to personalize your level of milks and sugar, your tea will be perfect. It can be your perfect go-to in San Francisco.

4.     Asha Tea House

While there are many options for oolong tea in San Francisco, there are many other choices. Asha Tea House can give you the perfect cup of Matcha Affogato. Not only will it look suitably aesthetic for your feed, but it will also taste amazing. Once you’ve tried this, it will be extremely difficult to replace it with anything.

5.     Plentea

Saving the best for the last – Plentea should be your first choice of tea in San Francisco. This tea shop will serve you your tea in a glass bottle with an amazing green initiative. Your top pick has to be the black boba. And Plentea doesn’t only serve regular boba, but you can top it with an amazing range. Chia Seed and Taro pudding are really popular options that you must try when visiting San Francisco.

This was your guide to the best tea in San Francisco. Be sure to make a stop at all these places and try these special types of tea. They will prove to you how amazing they taste and remind you of true love. And true love can only be tea.If you can’t get to San Francisco but love great tea, also try all-natural TeaSource Green Tea from TeaSource.

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