Fishermans Wharf signage

San Francisco is one of the most lovely cities in the world and a common destination for a vacation. It’s also known to offer many lovely dishes which you definitely don’t want to miss. You can enjoy choosing from varieties of popular and delicious dishes. Let’s travel with our mind’s eye down to the city of Francisco and check out the amazing dishes it’s known for. 

  • Sourdough bread from boudin Sourdough: You can’t take a trip to San Francisco and miss having a bite from this sourdough bread. This sourdough bread business has been for years and the recipe has been perfected by Boudin. The flagship factory at Fisherman’s Whaf, not only serve bread bowls, you can also get loaves of bread shaped like animals for the young ones
  • Seafood at Fisherman’s Whaf: if you love seafood, you definitely shouldn’t miss out on this spot. An Italian-American seafood stew called Cioppino was invented here where leftover seafood could be used up. Soon, other restaurants started to add it to their menu and now, it’s a popular dish. San Francisco is also known for Dungeness crab each winter season. It’s also known for Oysters that can be found at Fog Harbor Fish House. 
  • Hangtown Fry: This is a combination of scrambled eggs, oysters, and bacon. It was originally known as Hangtown and originated in Placerville.
  • Prime rib: You can’t go wrong with a piece of prime rib served with creamed spinach. You can find this at the English-style House of Prime rib. 
  • Dutch Crunch: Dutch crunch goes with basically everything. You can make a sandwich with the slices. You can also get a delicious sandwich from Roxie Food center. Bakeries all around the city appreciate their loaves. It’s a must-try San Francisco. 
  • Egg custard tarts: Egg custard tarts are sweet, buttery, creamy, and flaky. A must-try from all of San Francisco’s dessert. You can get the best from Golden Gate Bakery in Chinatown makes the best.
  • The Rebel Within: the Rebel Within is a little sausage with a savory soft-boiled egg inside. You can find these delicious muffins in Craftsman and Wolves in the Mission District. Enjoy it served with a little bottle of Tabasco hot sauce. It’s a perfect meal for breakfast. 
  • Swedish Pancakes: Swedish Pancakes are definitely something you should give a try. It’s a San Francisco common breakfast many people love and enjoy having. It’s fluffy and delicious. You can get this from Sears Food. 


San Francisco being one of the most lovely cities in the world floods with a large number of delicious savoring meals. From meals that are perfect for breakfast to side meals like desserts and even lovely ice cream to other meals that go well for any time of the day and even yummy kinds of seafood for seafood lovers. There are so many popular and delicious dishes to try out. Check out some of the ones listed above and enjoy lovely savoring tastes you’ll always crave again. 

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