Safe Practices When Eating at a Restaurant in San Francisco During COVID-19

COVID-19 has caused the world a lot of stress. Now we need rules in every little thing we do. We need safe practices when eating at a restaurant. This article will talk about these safe practices while eating in San Francisco restaurants.

Safe Practices to Seriously Consider

1. All entrances must have social distancing posted.

This is a signage that needs to be available permanently on the doors and all entrances. On these entrances, everyone needs to see, “No entry without the desire to practice social distancing.”

2. No entrance if you have a fever or cough.

If you have a fever or cough, you need to maintain some distance between yourself and the next person. You must sneeze into a tissue or a cloth or on your elbow, but never on your hands. Never shake hands or do physical contact, especially when it is not necessary.

3. Go with hand sanitizer.

Never go to a restaurant in San Francisco without a hand sanitizer. This is very important because you don’t know the visitors the restaurant has had. This way, you keep yourself safe and prevent potential heartbreaking outcomes.

4. Never visit these restaurants without face masks.

The importance of face masks during this COVID 19 pandemic cannot be overemphasized. The only time your face masks shouldn’t be worn is when you want to eat or drink. But apart from those exceptions, always wear your face masks. It is quite important.

5. Only visit restaurants that have zebra crossing lines inside to show lines for social distancing.

You might lose track and go sit close to a stranger. But with these lines, you know exactly where you are and the areas that would place you too close to someone else. This is necessary for your survival from COVID 19 in San Francisco.

6. Wear gloves from home before stepping out of the house.

If you want to visit restaurants in San Francisco, make sure you make use of gloves. This way if you touch anything that can give you the virus, just stay away from others, and wear your gloves in peace. When you get home you can take them off.

7. Do not forget to wash your hands before going out and immediately after you return.

Nothing beats washing your hands with medicated soap. Even if you went out with gloves, after taking them off, wash your hands. This way you get to kill all germs completely from ever getting close to you.

8. When going out with your friends, you all should follow these safety tips.

Don’t feel these tips are for you alone. If you have friends that don’t want to follow these tips, advise them of the importance of these tips so they will follow them along with you. If a friend of yours catches this disease, you could be next.

Let’s all stay safe and be happy.

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