Best San Francisco Cigar Bars

As it is popularly known that California has very strict rules about smoking and is generally an anti-smoking state therefore, finding a good indoor place to smoke is extremely challenging. However, cigar smokers are fortunate because San Francisco offers a good number of indoor options for cigar lovers to smoke and relax. There are some amazing, well-furnished, and aromatic indoor venues designed specifically for cigar lovers with great ambiance to provide them a place to relax, smoke, and have a good time with their friends and family. Most of the cigar bars in San Francisco offer you great facilities such as lockers, private rooms, and a variety of dining, drinking, and cocktail menus. Let’s look at some of the most popular San Francisco cigar bars.

4 Popular San Francisco Cigar Bars

Cigar Bar and Grill

The Cigar Bar and Grill in San Francisco is trendy, stylish, and comfortable. The furniture is lush, and the whole bar gives off a Spanish vibe as the guests are welcomed and greeted by local artists who show their artwork to them. The bar also provides an opportunity for guests to arrange private events indoors or outside near the pool. There are a great variety of appetizers, drinks, and cocktails that the guests are served within the bar as well.

Occidental Cigar Club

Occidental Cigar Club is one of the most popular of the San Francisco cigar bars. It has been operating since 2001and is located in the heart of San Francisco. This bar is a popular cigar destination for tourists, as it offers a variety of cigar choices that can be purchased by the stick or by the box. Wines and beers are also very widely available and consumed by guests.


When it comes to San Francisco cigar bars, The Club at Wingtip is a popular name among the cigar lovers. The bar offers nearly 500 sections of alcohol and an area of 2,200 square feet for cigar smoking and buying cigar accessories. The bar also provides an opportunity for patrons to have private rooms and takes care of the comfort of its guests very efficiently. There is also a barbershop to facilitate the guests if they want to have a haircut or a shave. There are different types of entertainment for the guests as well in the form of poolside games, parlor games, and other types of games.

Vendetta Men’s Apparel

Vendetta Men’s Apparel is a modern and trendy shop and cigar bar that offers a wide variety of items such as different types of Cuban cigars, Italian suites, and other types of accessories that are rarely offered elsewhere. Their quirky motto is “living well is the ultimate revenge.”

These are some of the very popular San Francisco cigar bars that provide great service and ambiance to the visitors and are an absolute delight for cigar lovers.

Which San Francisco cigar bars do you recommend? After your next trip to a cigar bar, be sure to drop by one of the 3 healthy places to eat in San Francisco!

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