San Francisco May Soon Allow 16-Year-Olds to Vote

Isn’t San Francisco a wonderful place? It will soon let teenagers as young as 16 years of age to vote in elections. Near the end of last year, denizens in San Francisco voted to let people that are sixteen to seventeen years of age to vote in local elections in the future. The city would become one of the first major cities to reduce the age necessary for voting if the vote that was cast to let 16 years and 17 years old people vote passes.

It is going to be quite nice if this city in California lets teens of this age start voting in local elections.

The residents in San Francisco were not only voting for the election that selects the President, but also votes to let youths join future elections to come.

Who wants 16-year-olds to vote?

Several powerful members of San Francisco have been advocates for this to happen since the year 2016 when the first legislation stopped working with about 48% of the vote. This news was obtained from NBC.

These advocates stated that letting people that are young and of the age of 16 to vote would help establish the habit of learning how to join elections from a very young age, and this would provide these teenagers with the resources and support they are supposed to have as they become adults.

These are the reasons why these advocates made it that people who voted for the President come November would also vote to decide if these teenagers can join them in the election process for the next time an election comes by.

All of this makes San Francisco one of the first major United States cities to reduce the age that the country needs to vote by about two years. This is because the normal age for voting is 18. So reducing it by two years would give people that are sixteen years old the right to vote for whoever they want in power.

In local elections, some US cities have already given teenagers the freedom to vote in those types of elections. One of these places is Takoma Park in Maryland. It passed this legislation in the year 2013. Their local officials have said they have gotten results that make it okay for teenagers to join in these local elections in this city.

Voting is behavior, and to start voting from the age of sixteen is a better time to start this behavior than to begin at eighteen.

In states like Massachusetts and New York, they have already pushed for similar laws like the one San Francisco wants to adopt.

Lots of 16-year-olds want this law to pass. They want to feel free to vote for who they want in power.

In the year 2018, Grace Meng brought about an amendment to the constitution which was to reduce the legal age for voting to sixteen.

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