Did the 49ers Actually Try to Sign Tom Brady?

Tom Brady is considered as one of the greatest football players in the history of NFL. Recently, the 42- year-old quarterback, who has been named NFL’s most valuable player three times, was reportedly linked with a move to San Francisco 49ers. Sounds a bit strange, right, given that Brady has been a franchise quarterback for New England Patriots for 20 seasons.

It could have also been a fairytale ending to his career by playing for his hometown team that he grew up watching. So was Brady, who’s now a part of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, really approached by the 49ers, or are the news reports just rumors?

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Reports coming from ESPN made it clear that San Francisco was Tom Brady’s first choice while he was in the free agency. His childhood dream club was meant to be his future, if they wanted him. Sources from the San Francisco team also supported this statement and confirmed that the 49ers did discuss whether to sign Tom Brady, the greatest quarterback before turning him down for Jimmy Garoppolo. However, it was reported that San Francisco giants considered him even after landing Garoppolo, and rumors about Jimmy being traded back to the Patriots got louder.

John Lynch, the general manager for San Francisco, and one of the most reliable sources on the speculation, commented on a show that he had internal discussions with the team’s coach, Kyle Shanahan, on the matter after they heard rumors about Tom Brady looking to join his hometown team.

He concluded that both Kyle and him decided to go for Jimmy Garoppolo, as he had much more to offer to the team and seemed more like a long term solution. The Illinois-born 28-year-old quarterback has much more playing years left in him.

Kyle also discussed the team’s attempt to sign Tom Brady, especially after losing the Super Bowl. He believed that the answer might have been different if he was asked this question right after the Super Bowl, as everyone knows what the 6 time Super Bowl winner is capable of.

However, when he and the team’s manager put more thought into it, they decided it was better for the team to not go forward to where it could come close. Shanahan did make a point at the end regarding the whole fiasco, and eventually it worked out for the best. They believe that Jimmy, who was under the tutelage of Brady during their time at Patriots, was a better choice and they were happy with him and the team.

Indeed, Jimmy Garoppolo does seem like a younger version of the icon and has the potential to shine, just like him. At the end, the San Francisco 49ers choice to not sign Tom Brady and stick to their current roster with Jimmy does make sense. Eventually, the Patriots star quarterback signed a two year contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and that is his new home for now.

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