Moves the 49ers Made in the Last 5 Years to Get to the Super Bowl

The San Francisco 49ers managed to play their way to the NFL’s Super Bowl LIV this year against the Kansas City Chiefs. Although the Chiefs won 31 to 20, the 49ers placement in the Super Bowl was still a great feat and is not something that was achieved overnight. Their journey to the Super Bowl had major changes and signings. The restructuring of the team paid dividends as they could finally throw their hat in the ring for the Super Bowl. Here are some of the trades, draft picks, and other moves they made to make it there.

8 Moves the 49ers Made to Get to Super Bowl LIV

Picking Up Richard Sherman

The signing of Richard Sherman was one to look forward to, as Sherman added concreteness to the 49ers’ defensive lineup. Sherman joined the team in 2018 with his eye on the grand prize. Sherman was given a three-year-long contract that played a significant role in the team’s run to the Super Bowl. He not only made individual performances, but he never gives up attitude motivated youngsters in the team.

The Signing of Coleman and Extending Mostert’s Contract

General Manager Lynch had to make some important decisions. He first added Tevin Coleman in 2019. Coleman was dynamic in his running and proved to be the vital part of the team’s success. Raheem Mostert was given an extension of three years in his previous contract. He complimented Coleman at times, but when Coleman was out due to a shoulder injury, Mostert compensated for his teammate’s absence. Their duo was significant in their team’s success story.

Drafting of Mike McGlinchey

Lynch had to strengthen his line and put up a complementary player for Joey Staley. Mike McGlinchey was termed as the most suitable picks for the position. However, he got injuries in his run at the 49ers, but he made full use of his time on the field and proved significant.

Locking in Emmanuel Moseley

Emmanuel Moseley was taken up in the 2018 draft as a free agent and played a major role in the team’s success. He was the go-to man for the No. 2 position. He built crucial partnerships with Sherman in many of the games and gave his side the much-needed wins.

The Resigning of Jimmie Ward

Jimmie Ward was the team’s pivotal player in 2014. He was brought back to the side in 2019. Lynch knew that Ward is an asset to his side, and that was proven later with his team’s progress.

Trading Laken Tomlinson

Tomlinson was drafted into the side in 2017. Laken Tomlinson was a young, potential blocker but couldn’t be made into the picks of 2015. He immediately had starred in the team’s victory and had a significant impact on the team’s progress.

Drafting of Kittle and D.J. Jones

George Kittle was one of the players who could block and receive efficiently. Lynch drafted Kittle in 2017 with the star player D.J. Jones.

The Signing of Breida and Bourne

Matt Breida proved to be a great signing as he provides stability to the team. Kendrick Bourne’s story has been more of an underrated performer. The star player’s performance has been significant but had been overshadowed by his fellow members.

The inclusion of exciting players to the roster has been a major part in the team’s journey to the Super Bowl. But nothing can be taken from their manager Lynch, whose constant dedication to getting the best is worth appreciating.

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