San Francisco Giants Sets Up ‘Vaccinated Only’ Sections for Fans

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Sport has been a casualty of the COVID pandemic. Although many fixtures have been taking place, most of these have been behind closed doors so fans have been forced to view on TV rather than live from the stadium.

As we all look forward to getting back to normal, the SF Giants have decided to welcome fans back into the stadium if they have proof of vaccination. Bringing the fans back to the ball game is a brilliant idea so the idea of a vaccination only section for fans is very appealing.

The idea is that the Vaccinated Only section will provide people with a way of watching the game with minimum risk to health and without the need for social distancing. So if you want to get back to the good old days of 2019, you can watch the Giants old style in relative safety as long as you can show the proof of vaccination.

According to Russ Stanley, senior Vice President of Sales and Service for the San Francisco Giants, fans have been excited about it,” adding “It’s been nice. You know, all of our social distance pods are twos and fours, but if someone wants to come with eight people in the vaccination section, they can.”

Undoubtedly some people will complain that having a Vaccine Only section will create a two tier system but even if you have missed out on the vaccine, you can still watch the Giants. The stadium is providing seating for socially distanced fans who can prove they have a negative test result but there are concerns that this step may be abused and risks introducing COVID into a crowded area.

Dr Peter Chin Hong from UCSF applauds the Vaccinated Only section. “I think what the Giants are doing is like a local experiment in, essentially a vaccine passport,” he said, continuing “Giving folks who are vaccinated different privileges than folks who are not vaccinated will encourage people to have their shots”

In our opinion, the return to normality cannot come soon enough. So if people see the advantages of having the vaccine to their own interests, rather than be forced into it, The Giants plan could have some very positive benefits to everyday life in San Francisco.

The good news is that there is no price difference between the Vaccinated area and the socially distanced area. So if you want to cheer on the Giants in old style seating, or from a socially distanced area, you now have this chance.

To keep up with all the local news in San Francisco tune into FOXKTVU or download the app and find out more. As the old song goes, “Take me out to the ball game, take me out with the crowd,” and now you have this chance!

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