What Happened to the San Francisco Giants Bat Boy?

A bat boy is often hired to handle the baseball equipment and look after it, in terms of care and providing them to players. They are given the responsibility for the replacement of broken bats, compiling the arm guards, and bringing back the foul balls to the field. Every baseball team has several batboys who seem to be accountable for such responsibilities. The San Francisco Giants have a lot of fame and recognition, and numerous fans all over the world. There were a few notable San Francisco Giants’ bat boys, with whom a few incredible events had occurred in the past, and are also popular among the fans. Here are their stories.

3 Top San Francisco Giants Bat Boys

Henry Pacheco

Henry Pacheco is known to be one of the most popular San Francisco Giants bat boys, who offered all his devotion and hard work serving the team. He had so much love for the team from the age of 12, which then led him to become a bat boy for San Francisco Giants in 1972, where he got lucky to get a chance by winning a contest. Also, he had kept all the paintings of Golden Gate Bridge in one of the rooms of his house, as it was where the San Francisco Giants had played their baseball matches. Other things such as his old pictures as a bat boy, baseball with autographs, newspaper cuttings which reflect the wins of San Francisco Giants are too kept as memories in that room.

Marco Alioto

Marco Alioto is another well-known San Francisco Giants bat boy who has been serving the team from a young age, since 2010, where he was appointed by his boss during spring training. He is the one who feels privileged for working for the team and its players while keeping a check that the needs of every player are being fulfilled. His family was full of bat boys, where his father and brother, and even the rest of relatives had been batboys previously. Marco Alioto was also there at the field, as a bat boy when the San Francisco Giants had won the World Series in 2010 and 2012. He had the opportunity to run the field two times during this series, which was no less than a big achievement and honor for him.

Darren Baker

Darren Baker became the San Francisco Giants bat boy, during the World Series of 2002. The San Francisco Giants were able to gain a victory against the Anaheim Angels during this period, which made the moment even more memorable for Darren, who turned out to be a lucky charm for the team. Darren Baker is, also, the son of the San Francisco Giants’ manager, Dusty Baker.

There have been several San Francisco bat boys who spent their lives serving the team, but a few of them had the most interesting stories ever. Also, they put immense effort and hard work into working with the team.

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