Why Buster Posey Sat Out for the Return of the Major League Baseball Season

Buster Posey, as everyone knows, is crucial to the success of the San Francisco Giants as their star catcher, so sitting out the return of the major league baseball season is a real blow for fans.

However ,there are more important things than baseball in the world, although it might not seem like it, and Buster Posey has two fantastic reasons to delay his return to the game. These are his twin baby girls, Ada and Livvy, who are currently in neonatal intensive care and will require protection over the next few months due to a weakened immune system. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Buster Posey does not want to do anything that may jeopardise the babies’ health.

Buster Posey and wife Kristen have been going through the adoption process for the last few years, and it has not been easy. They did adopt a new-born for a few days only for the birth mother to change her mind, but this time they have been more successful. No stranger to twins; the couple already have twin eight-year-old boys, so the whole family is eagerly ready to welcome Ada and Livvy into their homes.

The babies are said to be healthy, but because they were born 8 weeks premature, they are extremely vulnerable and fragile to the outside world. Once they leave the protective environment of the neonatal unit, they will need to be shielded from the risk of COVID or any other illness that could be fatal to them.

For Buster Posey, there was no choice. He knew he had to put the welfare of his family before the needs of the team.

“In the current state that we are right now and these babies being as fragile as they are for the next four months, at minimum, this ultimately wasn’t that difficult a decision for me,” he said.

Buster Posey stands to miss out on an $8 million salary for the season, and the Giants are under no obligation to pay this under the terms of their agreement. In addition, it is frustrating to fans.

Buster Posey is in great form at the moment and is in a fantastic state of physical health. He was previously suffering from a hip problem, but now he is fully fit, and the Giants are certainly going to miss him. Their only other options are to use minor league players Tyler Heineman, Rob Brantly, and Chadwick Tromp. These guys may be solid players, but do they have the flair of Buster Posey? The answer is no, and the absence of their star catcher will have a negative effect upon the fortunes of the team this season.

Team coach Zaidi has already said that he does not want to rush debutant Joey Bart into the rigours of taking Posey’s place. This is a tough environment, and according to Zaidi, the young player is just not ready for the pressure.

You can only sympathise with Buster Posey. He knows only too well that his absence will be sorely missed by the Giants but compared to the wellbeing of his family and the lives of his new-born babies, most people agree he made the right decision.

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